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Jima Lifestyle

  • Friday Flicks: not-so-foreign films
    In honor of BC Day, this week’s Friday Flicks highlights some excellent films that you may not have known were filmed in Canada. While our country is not known for its bustling metropolises and stunning skylines, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Quebec City have subbed in for big cities like New York and Chicago for a…
  • Jima jams vol. V: too much sauce
    This week’s Jima Jams is a throwback to 2010s trap music that will go perfectly with your Friday night fun. You can shuffle this playlist or play it through. Check out the line-up here or listen on Spotify. Make sure to follow so you can stay tuned for new Jima Jams every other week. Digits…
  • Friday flicks: mobs, money, and mayhem
    This week’s Friday Flicks features a selection of movies from a genre that has inspired an exceptional number of great films: mob movies. We get to watch the fast and furious (😅) lifestyle of old-school gangsters and hitmen through the comfort of our living room while we enjoy our completely legal and fully licensed recreational…
  • Jima jams vol. IV: dr*nk punks
    For this week’s Jima jams, we wanted to give you the perfect soundtrack for those wild summer nights full of mischief and mayhem. Turn up the volume, let loose, and enjoy our selection of punk rock from the UK, USA, and Ireland 😎 Check out the line-up here or listen on Spotify. Make sure to…
  • How to have a dope Dab Day 2021
    Happy Dab Day-eve everybody! Tomorrow is July 10, a day for dabbing, vaping, eating, and enjoying! We celebrate this special day on 7/10 because 710 upside down spells OIL, aside from that the origins of the holiday are somewhat of a mystery.  What is 7/10? July 10 may be a lesser-known stoner holiday after 420,…

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