10 things to do on 420

10 things to do on 4/20 in 2021

4/20 is an exciting celebration of cannabis for daily smokers and casual tokers alike. Essentially the stoner Superbowl, this special day has seen thousands of people gathered in city centres, backyards, beaches and parks sharing their love of bud. This year we won’t be able to gather in the thousands, but there are countless safe ways to celebrate and we’re here to help you find something exciting to do. 

This list has something for everyone, whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors, experience relaxation to the fullest extent, try some tasty new treats, or stay home and celebrate in your own living room. 

Set up at a park near you

Why not head to the park this 4/20 and get back to the basics. Stop by the dollar store on the way and enjoy a classic hacky sack circle with your friends or grab some lawn games and play all day. Thanks to legalization, you can even bring the bong along, pack a picnic and spend the day in the sun. 

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Have a backyard BBQ

Have a few friends over and enjoy a 4/20 festival of your own. You can wow your guests with homemade cannabis-infused BBQ sauce that will taste delicious on any meat or veggies you want to grill up. Not into BBQ sauce? There’s an endless list of delicious weed-infused recipes you can make. How can you go wrong with cannabis caramel sauce! You can enjoy the convenience of a backyard celebration and set up some of your less mobile smoking devices like your hookah or your 5+ foot tall bong. Finally, to really impress your guests, you can set up a Juicy Jay Joint Buffet using the different patterned papers for a medley of strains that your guests can sample and enjoy. 

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Go geocaching 

All you need is a smartphone and a child-like sense of wonder! Get on your bike and join in on the world’s largest treasure hunt. You can choose from hundreds of hunts ranging from ‘behind a tree’ to ‘solve a series of riddles to gain clues and hunt all day.’ What could be better than spending the day searching for tiny treasures and leaving behind your own trinkets as well (making sure not to leave any of your 4/20 treats behind as many geocachers are under 19). Each cache has a pencil and paper where you can sign your name and see how many people have visited before you. This is an excellent opportunity to try out some chocolate or gummy edibles for a convenient, on-the-go cannabis option. These little treats often come in 5mg doses, perfect for casual snacking throughout the day. 

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Buy a hammock and chill the day away

Head to your nearest outdoor store, pick up a hammock (around $35), find a couple trees in a park, forest, or even your own backyard and lounge all day in the sun. Can you imagine a more relaxing 4/20? Bring some snacks, plenty to smoke, some portable tunes, and invite your friends for a socially distanced hammock circle sesh. 

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Taco Tuesday

This year, for the first time in who knows how long, 4/20 has miraculously fallen on a Taco Tuesday. Take advantage of this beautiful coincidence and go to your nearest taco spot for deliciously affordable tacos all day long! If you’re a true taco enthusiast, get a designated driver or hop on your bike and hit as many taco stops as you can, with smoke breaks along the way of course. For those of you who live near one of our soon-to-open locations, we’ve gathered some links for the best Taco Tuesdays in Victoria, Vancouver, and Abbotsford for you. 

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Try out guided meditation

This one works inside or outdoors, just find someplace comfortable and set up a spiritual oasis to celebrate cannabis’s hippie heritage. Bring out your candles, light some incense, and burn a little sage along with your bud before trying out a guided meditation by yourself or with some friends. If you really want to get into it you can dawn your flowiest fit and put on some old-school stoner tunes

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Smoke on the water

If you live near the water, rent a kayak or canoe by yourself or with some buds and enjoy your 4:20 smoke sesh right on the water, a truly west coast celebration. This might be the perfect situation to try a weed vape for the first time and enjoy the convenience of a fire-free smoking experience. 

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Settle in for a movie marathon

If the outdoors aren’t calling you this 4/20, celebrate inside with an old-school movie marathon. The key for this activity is making special snacks, building an epic blanket fort in your living room, and selecting your favourite flicks for a truly memorable night. If you’re really feeling the 4/20 spirit you could even try hotboxing your blanket fort for an adult spin on the childhood classic. 

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Tune in to a virtual event

While most in-person 4/20 events were cancelled this year, there are still tons of virtual events taking place. You can choose from charitable, education, entertainment, or interactive events so if you’re missing that sense of stoner community this 4/20 and you want to be a part of something big, you can log on with thousands of other virtual attendees. 

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Stare at the sky

Head to a beach or field nearby, bring some chairs and blankets and watch the sun go down around a fire with your friends. For an elevated experience, pack a cooler with some cannabis-infused beverages of your choice. Choose from sparkling tonics, flavoured sodas, mocktail style drinks, teas, or drops that will turn any beverage into a cannabis experience. Sip and say farewell to a fantastic 4/20 while you watch the stars come out. 

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