Our Story

Jima is a BC-based recreational cannabis brand that stocks the best bud the government has to offer. We’re chill, we know our stuff, and we’re hyped to help you find what’s right for you.

We have five neighbourhood stores throughout BC. Our team of bud-tenders are ready to help cultivate great cannabis experiences through smart product combos and personalized support. 

Management Team

Jeff Prete

Jeff is a change agent with over 20 years of experience in technology solutions and customer experience. Whether he’s refocusing an existing company or getting a new venture off the ground, Jeff will dig in, decipher the business within the business, define the strategy, build the operating model, assemble the management team, and establish ongoing operations.

Jeff brings his experiences with Bell Canada, Teligence, Future Pet, Spacelist, Metalab, and Watershed to Jima to build a best-in-class, omni-channel retail cannabis experience. He believes that customer experiences in-store, online, and at every point in between should meet and exceed expectations.

Jeff is a soccer and basketball coach, and a certified basketball official on Vancouver Island. You may also see Jeff on 4×4 trails or on his couch: full speed or full stop.

Natasha Simpson
Planning & Delivery Manager

Natasha has over a decade of retail management experience. She brings a blend of experience, leadership, integrity, and collaboration to her work, each and every day. Natasha is huge advocate of building a winning culture, where people can achieve their goals within the business objectives. She has the unique ability to lead and influence how others think, and she continually pursues both professional and personal growth.  

Natasha has led retail teams in telecommunications and the legacy cannabis market. She has also worked with licensed cannabis producers and edibles manufacturing. In her downtime, Natasha enjoys hiking, painting, trying new cannabis products, and engaging in self-torture at the gym.

Sherman Leung
Head of Retail

With over 30 years of retail experience, Sherman has led medium-to-large-format, omni-channel businesses, including Costco, Best Buy, Golf Town, and most recently, Meta Cannabis. Sherman supports every aspect of the organizations he helps to build, from staff to brick-and-mortar locations – and he always leaves a lasting impression. 

Sherman brings a wealth of operational knowledge to Jima, from standard operating procedures, to customer engagement, to merchandising and loss prevention. His focus on operational excellence through systems and processes has been a game-changer throughout his career. Sherman also believes that in-store employees are an organization’s most valuable asset. They’re the boots on the ground, and the people who make things happen. On weekends, he can be found looking for his wayward golf ball on any given hole. For Sherman, there is no such thing as a lost ball. 

Sean Bruce-Hayes
Community Engagement

Sean joined the legal cannabis industry prior to federal legalization and has been involved in close to 100 cannabis locations across five provinces and one territory. He specializes in working closely with municipal governments and communities to ensure cannabis locations receive proper approvals and support. 

With 10 years of experience in real estate, Sean works closely with municipalities and planning departments. He cares deeply about the communities he serves and provides diligent consulting with residents, community groups, and local businesses. He takes pride in ensuring stores have a positive impact on communities and residents alike.

Sean enjoys hiking, volunteering, and spending time with his two young boys. 

TCap Equity

TCap Equity is a BC based family office focused on bringing the best out of BC based businesses. With a strong history of success in retail and sustainable community growth, TCap Private Equity is proud to fund Jima Cannabis. You can learn more about TCap here.


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