Top 5 myths about CBD

What is CBD?

It’s one of the hundreds of components that make up a marijuana plant, and it’s present in almost every strain. However, it can be harvested separately from delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is what gets you ‘high’ from smoking weed. CBD is actually derived most often from hemp plants, which are related to marijuana but contain very little THC. 

Because CBD can be harvested from hemp rather than marijuana, it’s become popular even in places where weed is still illegal. All 50 states have legalized CBD in one way or another, resulting in a huge range of products on the market from drinks to CBD-infused clothing! 

But with great popularity comes great confusion I suppose, so we’re here to clear up some of the most common misconceptions about recreational CBD. 

  1. It gets you high

A lot of people are curious about legal cannabis, but nervous about the idea of getting ‘high’. For these people, CBD is a great option for easing your way into the wonderful world of cannabis.  While THC is psychoactive, CBD is not. That means it doesn’t affect your mind in the same way and doesn’t make you feel sedated or intoxicated. It can make you feel relaxed, and depending on your method of consumption it can relax your muscles and reduce inflammation. It does not have the ingredients to get you ‘high’ the way THC does though. This is why people often use it to relax sore muscles or consume it in social situations to feel a little calmer. Its effects are closer to the feeling of taking a warm bath than having a few drinks. 

  1. It doesn’t do anything

On the other hand, some people feel that THC has little or no effect and that it’s simply a way to sell products. This is definitely not the case. CBD is like anything else when it comes to dosing, you have to figure out what works for you. Always start low and go slow. If you’re trying a 2mg CBD beverage, for example, you might not feel much of an ‘effect’ because the dose is very low. This is also often correlated with the assumption that CBD gets you high in some way. If you’re trying a CBD bath bomb or other topicals, you won’t feel anything mentally at all, but your body will be relaxed. 

  1. Pain v.s. Sleep v.s. Anxiety 

Scientists have found quite a few medical uses for CBD, most impressively in the area of chronic seizures in children. When advertised for recreational use, you’ll see a lot of claims about sleep improvement, anxiety relief, and pain reduction. The reality is that testing on these effects is still inconclusive. What CBD does for sure is relax you, which for some people is the only barrier to better sleep, less anxiety, or even pain relief. However, it affects everyone differently. Especially in the area of pain, it really depends on the cause. If your pain is caused by tight muscles, a topical oil or cream will likely help.  If it’s something more serious than that, the CBD may not help. If you have insomnia or anxiety disorder, it also likely can’t serve as a replacement for other medications. 

  1. You can’t smoke it

There are about a million ways to consume CBD. The most mainstream options are usually oils, creams, and drinks, and it’s often offered as an alternative to smoking weed. However, you can also smoke it! Licensed growers have heard the call for high CBD options and answered. 

Pure Sun CBD by Pure Sunfarms has only 14-20% CBD and only 1% THC, which you’re very unlikely to feel. Even pure CBD strains like this will have trace amounts of THC, but that doesn’t mean it’ll get you ‘high’ like other weed does. 

Harlequin by Tantalus Labs has 5-11% CBD and only 2-6% THC. This is a really popular strain. Lots of people feel that this is the perfect balance of CBD and THC. You will feel it, but it’s not very strong so it will be quite subtle. 

Mango Haze by Color Cannabis has 6-16% CBD and only 4-11% THC. This is perfect if you’ve tried some other CBD products and you’re looking to try a little more THC. It’s still much lower than most strains.

Balance by Solei has 5-14% CBD and 5-12% THC. This one’s right there in the name, it’s about 50/50 CBD and THC. 

  1. All CBD products are the same

We’ve touched on this a little already, but CBD topicals, edibles, and flower all have very different effects. 

Topicals will give you virtually no mental effects and only work to relax the body and muscles. Even if a topical product has some THC in it, you will absolutely not experience a mental effect. There are a ton of fun products to try in this category.

The Lavender Fizz Bath Bomb by Noon & Night has 90 mg of CBD and 10 mg of THC. It’s made with real dried lavender and essential oils and smells amazing.

If you want something for more direct relief, the Relief Stick by Wildflower has 205 mg of CBD and no THC. It’s just CBD, coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils and you can apply it directly to areas where your muscles are sore.

Edibles will give you a more noticeable feeling of relaxation, and they also come in a ton of delicious options. 

There are some great beverage options from fruity sparkling waters and seltzers to CBD-infused tea bags. There are also tons of options for CBD chocolate and gummies.  

CBD is a really great way to test out cannabis products without having to worry about getting ‘high’, and it’s a fun way to explore the variety of fun products available.

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